Make Ben Nanonote access Wireless over USB

Make Ben Nanonote access Wireless over USB

I am working on Milkymist One Wireless Over Ethernet recently, that make me thinking of make Ben Nanonote access wireless over USB. so I simply include two more kernel modular when I compile TP Link MR11U image, which is for USB CDC driver


After reflash that OpenWrt image, MR11U can detect Ben Nanonote USB network out of box. it will add a new interface named usb0 when you plug nanonote to MR11U

For configure Nanonote access Internet we still needs some more works.

  1. Connect MR11U to you PC, open ‘′, goto Network –> Interfaces –> Add New interfaces…
  2. Name of the new interface –> USB
  3. Cover the following interface –> Select ‘Ethernet Adapter: “usb0″‘
  4. Protocol –> select Static address
  5. IPv4 address –>
  6. IPv4 netmask –>
  7. Firewall Settings –> Create / Assign firewall-zone –> select Lan
  8. Save & Apply

Now once your MR11U connect to Wireless and plug Nanonote to MR11U, Ben Nanontoe should be can automatic access Internet.

We don’t need PC to configure MR11U wireless, we can direct use Ben Nanonote to configure MR11U wireless settings, all those commands runs in Ben Nanonote

  • ssh root@
  • For scan wirless networks run /opt/ get, it will list networks like:
  • Connect to Wireless by run /opt/ set ESSID PASSWORD psk2
  • you can run ifconfig/iwconfig wlan0 for check if MR11U success connect to wireless.
Some pictures: