Automatic Camera by Using OpenWrt (用 OpenWrt 制作自动相机)

Automatic Camera by Using OpenWrt (用 OpenWrt 制作自动相机)


I setup the TP-Link MR11U with Logitech C270 as a automatic camera. it take picture every one second, TP-LINK_MR11U_C270_OpenWrt_mjpeg-streamer.tar.bz2 is the origin pictures in 30 minutes. brower online at here:

There are three different version of MR11U, Ver1.0/Ver1.1/Ver2.0, Ver1.0/Ver1.1 have power switch and two more buttons QSS and RESET, Ver2.0 have only one power switch. we can flash OpenWrt image from the web interface under Ver1.0/Ver1.1, but for Ver2.0 we have to flash OpenWrt under U-Boot command. which means you have to open the case connect the serial console to your computer. I have updated the OpenWrt MR11U wiki page for reflash detail.

Here is steps how to setup TP-Link MR11U as a automatic camera:

  1. Flash this OpenWrt image to the MR11U 3G Router. this image included uvc driver for Logitech C270. here is more information about this image.
  2. By default. it will stream the video. we needs change the /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer line: –output “ –port $port” to “-o “ -f /tmp/ -d 1000″
  3. Reboot the MR11U or restart mjpg-streamer service, then it will automatic take picture every second.
Those two pictures showed another device that we have removed case and try to make the C210 camera and MR11U on one small PCB, this one is not what I am using, I will upload my device picture tomorrow.
今天早上,在去 Icarus 贴片工厂之前,我把我的 TP-Link MR11U 和 Logitech C270 配置成了一个自动的照相机,配置成第秒自动拍一张照片,TP-LINK_MR11U_C270_OpenWrt_mjpeg-streamer.tar.bz2 是 30 分种过程中拍摄的原始图片,没有经过加工。 在线浏览:
MR11U 有三种不同的硬件版本 Ver1.0/Ver1.1/Ver2.0,Ver1.0/Ver1.1 有三个按键,一个电源,两个按键分别是 QSS 和 RESET,Ver2.0 就只有一个电源键,Ver1.0/Ver1.1可能直接从网页界面直接刷成 OpenWrt, 由于 Ver2.0 的网页界面增加了镜像检查,所以我们有能直接从 U-BOot 进行刷机,我们必须找开外壳找到串口,我已经把所有的刷机信息都更新到 OpenWrt MR11U 的维基页
这里是 TP-Link MR11U 自动相机的配置过程:
  1. 将 MR11U 刷上 OpenWrt 镜像,这个镜像内置了 UVC 的驱动。直接支持 罗技C270, 这里有关于这个镜像的更多信息
  2. 默认我将 mjpg-streamer 配置成视频了。我们需要把安改成一秒存储一个图片。修改 /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer 将这行 –output “ –port $port” 改成 “-o “ -f /tmp/ -d 1000″
  3. 重启路由器或者重启 mjpg-streamer 这个服务。就可以自动拍照了

这两张图片是 MR11U 和 C210 的图片,不是我用的设备。明天我会把我用的设备拍照发到这里。(阳光下拍照,效果会好一点)