Prepare Milkymist One for Nanhaili's event

Prepare Milkymist One for Nanhaili’s event

Nanhanli a independent architect and designer for architectural and graphic design, she will give a speech at TQinghua university at DEC 2 2011, she will use her new Media Wall as the screen talk about her Crates story. there is a chance for Milkymist One that can connect to the artwork or part of artwork. since she bought a Milkymist One and we have a big update at NOV 30 2011, so we update her Milkymist One for her event.

she is live at 红 a great place at Caochangdi Beijing. oh when I saw this building the first thing come from my mind is change them to HEX. :) , will update Milkymist one is not hard, just boot it and click the ‘Webupdate’, on thing is the ‘Webupdate’ will not update the standby.fpg, which will not give you the AUTO-ON feature. so I have to use –release for update the standby.fpg, after update just re-plug the power cable. the middle led will immediate on. no needs press middle button any more. here is a picture after new images boot.

for prepare the event I created 7 patches for that. here is two screenthos:Screenshot-03-JJ at the end of the day we project the milkymist one performance to the wall just for fun :)